Our dear friend Ruru

Unfortunately we had a small Morepork pass away in our bush area today. However to bring a positive not to a negative situation, we decided that this could be a good opportunity for our tamariki to build their understanding and respect for animals. The children seemed very intrigued, and the older children were making comments such as “He can’t fly now” and “He’s sleeping”.
After exploring the Ruru and having a korero/talk about how he came to be, the children found a perfect size box for him. We then went for a hikoi/walk all together to where the fruit trees grow in the bush area and had a small tangi for him. After returning the children were all asked to wash their hands as you would at a traditional tangi.
Today our children learnt about their natural world and showed us that they are respectful, compassionate and that they have empathy for others in their environment.

Moi mai Ruru, rest peacefully

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